Electronic Public Relations 

Electronic Public Relations or Online PR are a part of the digital marketing product offering from Pipar\ENGINE. We have specialized in ePR through the years and have been able to receive tremendous results for our customers.

An electronic press release (ePR) plays an important role in building trust, authority and brand recognition. We speak to your target consumers by strategically building web content that breaks through the noise while maintaining high rankings in search engines. We raise brand exposure on newswires, media outlets and databases using online PR.

Electronic Press Releases can be used for:

  • New products or services
  • Updates for products or the business

Not only does it announce to the world new services, updates or products your company is offering, but helps keep interested readers in the know about important updates to your business.

Quality of content is key when it comes to electronic press releases which is why they are always written by professional copywriters who approach their writing with a creative touch ensuring a professional tone and relevant visibility through keyword research.

Because our ePRs are subject to rigorous optimization they are likely to get picked up and spread to a multitude of publications and press portals, spreading your message far and wide.

An added value to this type of press release is the link value, which helps your business improve it’s visibility on organic search results.