Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) strategies for generating and nurturing leads. Referred to on a daily basis as the mailing list or newsletter. The inbox of the receiver is the channel and the main focus is the maintenance of the subscriptions.

Our agency helps your business turn email marketing into a lead and revenue-generating resource. With our email marketing services, which include email design, coding, and copywriting, as well as strategy development and transparent reporting, we’ll help your company grow its sales, revenue, and operations.

Email marketing is a very effective marketing tool but is sadly often underutilized. Whether you’re a manufacturing company or a local restaurant, you can use email marketing to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Send promotional emails, monthly newsletters, and more to keep consumers and business buyers interested in your brand and primed to buy your products or services.

Email marketing can be used for:

  • A monthly newsletter
  • Promotional emails
  • Invites to online or offline events

We will help you with analysis and quality assurance as people and businesses do sometimes change their email addresses.

We will define an email marketing strategy including:

  • Interesting content to send
  • Frequency, how often should we send
  • Time, when to send for best results

We will help you define who is your target audience, if and how it can be divided into segments/groups or how you use tags to make sure that your content is relevant to the target audience.


Mailchimp is the leading email marketing tool with a 60% market share and more than 12 million users. Others, to name a few, are Constant Contact, MailJet, and Klaviyo who have worked closely with Shopify to increase online sales.

We have a best-in-class design team when it comes to design and copywriting, that has helped deliver a performance increase of up to 150% per email. By just sending out emails without analysis and tracking, companies miss out on what people want AND ignore using their own data to find the answers. We work backwards from what people want and use your data to your advantage.

With Pipar\ENGINE, your business can take full advantage of email marketing. Save yourself time (and your company resources) by allowing our dedicated specialists to build, develop, launch, and manage a custom email marketing strategy for your company.


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