Social Media 

Social media marketing on the various social media platforms is great for promoting your product or service reaching your target audience. Before we head out on the social media journey we need to define the target audience, set goals and create a social media strategy.

With PiparENGINE we have experts working on content creation for social media community management as well as experts on paid social media advertising. We work with our clients to find the precise social media marketing mix as well as defining your key performance indicators and set goals for success.

Social media content creation, including design, concept and copywriting, are among our tasks as well as the management of social media. For each campaign we will convey the message and create relevant content be it text, sound, photographs, infographics or video.

We also work with other companies such as Ghostlamp, the platform where brands meet influencers.

Paid Social

Social Media advertising continues to grow at a phenomenal pace and has never been as important in a company’s overall marketing strategy as it is today. According to research done by Statista, global marketing spend on social media platforms is expected to reach just under €120,000MM in 2025.

Be it direct sales, lead generation or awareness, we want to be 100% aligned with your objectives. That’s why our cooperation will start with an initial session where we get to know each other, familiarize ourselves with your brand and get to fully understand what you are looking to achieve with your paid social campaigns. Based on that discussion we will then have enough understanding to work on account structures, targeting and ad formats that deliver the best results.

Our certified paid social experts actively work with their clients, they are always looking to improve their campaigns and actively challenge the status quo instead of setting up campaigns and allowing them to run without further development. By leveraging decades of experience between them and partnerships with representatives from social media platforms like Facebook we are able to gather unique insights and access to exclusive features and betas which gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Proven Paid Social Advertising Strategies

Working with us you avoid costly mistakes and run performance driven paid social campaigns from day one. When done right, advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and TikTok presents advertisers with an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive additional revenue.

Facebook Ads

Being one of the best venues to increase brand awareness, Facebook ads have earned their place as a traffic generator and sales driver. Facebook ads campaigns can be inexpensive and hyper targeted but done incorrectly will drive a lot of cost and inefficiency. PiparENGINE has over a decade of experience working with anything from small local car rentals to national brands.

Instagram Ads

Since 2015 Instagram ads have been intertwined with Facebook ads. You can run ad campaigns on both social media platforms at the same time and make adjustments according to the set objectives.

Instagram ads include:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Shopping ads

LinkedIn Ads

A powerful way to reach a professional audience and a paramount channel for B2B activities. Not only are LinkedIn members influential, they also have two times the buying power of the average web crowd. On LinkedIn advertisers can run campaigns around clearly defined goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and engagement.

Snapchat Ads

By combining PiparTBWA’s creative strength and PiparENGINE’s analytical mindset we’re able to take the best of both worlds and execute successful Snapchat campaigns in all locations open to Snapchat ads around the globe. Our client portfolio ranges from B2B to B2C companies and strategies range from awareness to engagement and from traffic to leads.

TikTok ads

Since TikTok opened up the platform for ads in 2019 they have been steadily growing wherever they are available. America and Europe have led the way and PiparENGINE is an official partner with TikTok for the Nordic region.

TikTok users are generally a young demographic with 50% of them under the age of 35 making it the perfect social media platform to reach a younger audience. As always we will set clear objectives and goals for use of the platform before beginning.

An example of the available tools for brands and businesses are:

  • Brand Takeover
  • In-feed native video
  • Hashtag challenge

Social Media Community Management

Foster customer loyalty at every stage. As your brand ambassador we supervise your social media pages to make sure that they are in accordance with brand messaging and overall marketing strategy.

Our community managers provide quick directions to contributors on various social media platforms. Should a crisis arise, our experts can step in for effective and professional crisis management.

We produce and post content to the most effective social media channels for your brand based on research and analytics. We ensure that the campaigns on your social media channels engage your audience and deliver quantifiable results. We build and execute strategic posting plans customized to your online needs.

Our experts are performance marketing savvy and as such monitor performance trends and platform metrics. We are in close contact with our clients and work within an agreed framework which is established before we start delivering. Our decades of combined experience across various industry verticals gives us an edge over our competitors.

We offer a wide variety of community management services that aim to help organizations to manage their brand online.

Engaging with your online community

Our experts will interact with your community, provide frequent business updates and share user appropriate content. Our team of award-winning designers and copywriters make sure that the message is always professional and engaging.

Manage customer feedback and questions

Our community managers review customer feedback and questions and engage appropriately. We’ll both make sure that your customers receive a timely response and review feedback and questions monthly or quarterly.

Forum moderation

Our community managers take active part in community discussions as well as help moderate content to maintain the health of the forum and keep it user friendly.

Social media and advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok…whatever social media platform is called… Are you feeling lost in the social media jungle?

Rest assured that our team of experts has decades of experience and knowledge in working with social media. We are prepared to be your guide and lead you through the jungle. With the machete sharpened and raised we will clear your path, set objectives, and create engaging content that is appealing to your audience. We will manage, monitor and track your campaign to increase your ROI for the marketing budget and generate more revenue from your customers.

Contact our consultants today and we will embark on this journey with you.